Saturday, 23 April 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to the backyardvegiefarmer blog. It was going to be backyardfarmer but that was already taken....there are so many farmers farming their back yards these days! Actually i've grown as many veges in the front yard as out the back (something my wife wants to stop!) so dont get hung up on the name.

9 months ago we moved into our newly purchased double fronted victorian house on a meagre 400 sq/mtr block in inner suburban Melbourne, hardly large enough to swing a cat in, with the house and a large rear garage taking up almost two thirds the available real estate...not exactly prime farming land.

The previous owners had established a low maintenance cactus garden on a bed of rocks and black plastic, not my style. So i set about establishing a period garden in the front more in keeping with the era of the house, and a vegetable patch in the back yard.

Over the next few months i'll post about the changes made, what worked and what didnt, and plans for the future. Thanks for reading...

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  1. Shame on me for failing to comment on this blog. We have much in common. I have added your blog as a link to my own and have added a few comments in the hope they will attract a few visitors here. I hope my words have done your blog justice. Will read regularly and comment where I can.